AZ Power Inc. Founded in March 2014 in Silicon Valley, California, United States. In July 2014, a joint research center for new silicon carbide devices was established with the University of California, and moved from Silicon Valley to the Los Angeles area. AZ Power Inc. aims at mass production of silicon carbide power electronic devices, focusing on the research and development of silicon carbide power electronic devices and modules. Utilize the abundant human resources, technical resources and complete process equipment resources in the California area, combined with the academic research advantages of the University of California (UCLA and UCR) and Stanford University, and draw on the advanced semiconductor production line management experience of large American companies, especially power devices, power Rich technology and management experience in electronic devices, AZ POWER, INC has mass produced silicon carbide Schottky diodes and silicon carbide high-power metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET) products. The world-class silicon carbide power device products have received market recognition and praise.